Vol 1 | Issue 1 | July – Sep 2015 | page: 1 | Sandeep Patwardhan, Taral  Nagda.

Authors: Dr. Sandeep Patwardhan[1], Dr.Taral  Nagda[2].

Dr. Sandeep Patwardhan: Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sancheti Institute for Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation. Pune, India: Email: sandappa@gmail.com
Dr. Taral Nagda: Paediatric Orthoapedic Surgeon, Institute for Paediatric Orthopaedic Disorders, Mumbai and Jupiter Hospital, Thane, India. Email:taralnagda@gmail.com


Paediatric orthopaedics is evolving by leaps and bounds on a day to day basis as we have more insights in to biology and access to improved imaging and technology for management. With the changing demographics of the world, India is poised on the crossroads where we have a healthy mix of educated urban literate population who demands the best management at par with the western world. At the same time we have a large volume of children who are subjected to gross neglect due to inability to access healthcare or poor understanding & quality of training in the country with respect to paediatric orthopaedics. There are only about 50- 60 paediatric orthopaedic surgeons for a population of 450 million children. As we march towards improving paediatric orthopaedic services through improved training acquired through western world, we realised the shortcomings of this training with respect to differential needs of our native populations. No amount of literature or fellowship training in the west can prepare us for management of neglected and complicated paediatric orthopaedic conditions. We realised that we will have to evolve our own strategies and share the knowledge through publications for effective management of our children. We found the existing journals restrictive and difficult to access with respect to their norms of publications. Hence the International Journal of Paediatric Orthopaedics (IJPO) which is an attempt to allow easy open access online sharing of knowledge with emphasis to the eastern world and the different requirements of our populations. I am sure that contributions to this journal will foster a better understanding as well as interactions between the western and eastern worlds. We believe we have a spectrum of disease which is unseen and under-reported in current literature but which is still quite relevant to two thirds of the world. IJPO will aim to provide a platform where global interactions are possible and views and opinions can be shared easily. New formats of articles will be encouraged and in the first issue we have an article written in dialectic format and another in case based format along with the usual review formats. We would welcome articles from all over the world and we hope to be able to make it a patient driven Journal along with being evidence based.
We would like to thank the Orthopaedic Research Group and ResearchOne® Publishers in helping us through the process. We would thank our affiliate body ‘International Fractures in Children Symposium’ (I-FICS) for their unconditional support an allowing the launch of the Journal in their annual meeting. We would like to thank every author who has contributed to the first issue and special thanks to all the editorial board members who have shown faith in us and have joined us in an effort to create a world class journal

Sandeep Patwardhan & Taral Nagda

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