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Volume 8 | Issue 1 | January-April 2022

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Jayant S. Sampat

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Pelvic Pyomyositis in Children: Current Concepts Review

Archan Desai, Ashish Ranade, Mohan V Belthur, Sandeep Patwardhan, Gauri A Oka

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Septic Arthritis Management: Current Guidelines

Gaurav Gupta, Easwar T Ramani, Gaurav Garg, Maulin M Shah

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DOI- 10.13107/ijpo.2022.v08i01.128


Diagnosis of Pediatric Musculoskeletal Infections: Current Concepts Review

Neeraj Vij, Jessica Burns, Melissa Esparza, Alexandra Dominianni, Yerin Cho, Mohan V Belthur

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Role of Non-Vascularized Fibula Graft in the Management of Post Osteomyelitic Bone Defects in Children

Anil Agarwal, Ankur, Ankit Jain

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Case Series

Fixation of Displaced Paediatric Humeral Lateral Condyle Fractures with 3 K-Wires

Deepak Jain, Tushar Agrawal, Saijyot Raut, Parimal Malviya

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Case Report

Surgical and Medical Management of Deformity and Non-union with Implant failure of Femur in OI Type III

Sanjay Chhawra, Raman Jain, Unus Ahmed, Nimish Agarwal, Rajiv Chaubey, Gaganpreet Singh

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One-Stage Emergency Surgical Release of Amniotic Constriction Band in Streeter’s Dysplasia with Clubfoot- A Case Report

Harsharan Singh Oberoi, Baldish Singh Oberoi

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A Case of Pyomyositis in a Healthy 11-Year-Old Boy with Need of Surgical Drainage

Alina Frolova, Joana Freitas, Rui Martins, Jorge Coutinho

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January-April 2022

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