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Introducing and Treating a Pediatric Monteggia Intermediate-Type 3 and 4 Fracture: A Case Report

Volume 7 | Issue 3 | September-December 2021 | Page: 50-52 | Pavan Soni, Tushar Agrawal


Authors: Pavan Soni  D Ortho. [1], Tushar Agrawal DNB Ortho. [1]

[1] Department of Orthopaedic, Aastha Hospital, Kandivali (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Address of Correspondence
Dr Pavan Soni
Department of Orthopaedics, Aastha Hospital, Kandivali (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
E-mail: pavan.soni22@gmail.com


Bado based his classification of Monteggia fractures on the direction of the radial head dislocation. We present a case of a Monteggia fracture that is an intermediary between Bado type 3 and 4 occurring in a 4-year-old Indian girl. It is a fracture of the proximal ulna and radial shaft, along with a lateral dislocation of the radial head that was treated with retrograde elastic nailing of the radius fist, then the ulna. Our case report is unique because this fracture pattern has not been presented earlier in literature. Interestingly, what presented as a both bone forearm fracture, on careful examination, was a Monteggia fracture. Our report aims to help other surgeons identify and treat this complex injury, in addition, increase awareness of this rare Monteggia variant.
Keywords: Monteggia, Paediatric forearm fractures, Elbow injuries


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