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Role of Non Vascularized Fibula Graft in the Management of Post Osteomyelitic Bone Defects in Children

Volume 8 | Issue 1 | January-April 2022 | Page: 24-30 | Anil Agarwal, Ankur, Ankit Jain


Authors: Anil Agarwal MS Ortho. [1], Ankur MS Ortho. [1], Ankit Jain D Ortho. [1]

[1] Department of Paediatric Orthopaedics, Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalaya, Geeta Colony, Delhi, India.

Address of Correspondence
Dr. Anil Agarwal,
Department of Paediatric Orthopaedics, Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalaya, Geeta Colony, Delhi, India.
E-mail: anilrachna@gmail.com


Osteomyelitis continues to be widely prevalent in low socioeconomic countries. The challenges associated with the disease include weakened pathological bone, cavities, pathological fractures, non-union and gaps. This article discusses the uses of non-vascularized fibular graft for the management of the sequelae of osteomyelitis. A review of literature reveals this technique to be quite successful with fewer complications. Being technically less demanding and easy, this procedure remains an important tool in the management of bone defects due to osteomyelitis in children.
Keywords: Osteoarticular infection, Reconstruction, Bone graft


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