New Issue- January-April 2021

New Issue- January-April 2021

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Tons of Videos / Techniques

New Look of OrthoPaediatrics

Original Ideas & Research

Powerpoints & Keynotes

Case Discussions & Opinions

Interactive and Innovative

Content with Clinical Relevance

Intelligent & International

iJPO aims to provide an unique blend of Expertise & Evidence. Also the reading experience is kept simple & beautiful at the same time.

Open Access

We at iJPO believe that knowledge should be freely available to all and iJPO will follow the open access policy to allow free sharing of its articles.

Editorial Board

iJPO has been conceived by an highly dedicated paediatric Orthopaedic surgeons with aim to provide a Clinically Relevant Journal.

Article Submission to International Journal of Paediatric Orthopaedics is a simple process through our online Manuscript Submission portal ‘Scripture’

Below are few more details on the same


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Knowledge in all Forms

International Journal of Paediatric Orthopaedics will also provide a platform for sharing any academic document related to Orthopaediatrics

  • Original ideas and Research
  • Powerpoint presentations related to orthopaediatrics
  • Case discussions and opinions
  • Journal reviews
  • Letter to experts
  • Clinically relevant material

iJPO is started with an idea of a journal that will be international, intelligent, interactive and at the same time clinically relevant.

iJPO will present a more balanced view of both evidence based as well as experience based literature and articles.

iJPO is an Open access,peer reviewed Journal and believes in free distribution  of knowledge.

iJPO is launched in association with the Indian Orthopaedic Research Group (iorg)  and International Fractures in Children Symposium (I-FICS).

  • Best Quality

    Double blind peer review combined with editorial expert review will allow the best quality material for publication

  • Fast Decisions

    Dedicated team will be working for the journal to provide fast decisions on the submissions

  • Orthopaediatric Network

    The Orthopaediatric Network will allow us to publish powerpoints, keynotes, videos and all forms of academic material

  • Guest Editorial & Interviews
  • In-Focus: Dedicated symposium on one topic in every issue of iJPO
  • Insights: One Invited article from an Expert in the Field specially focusing on their area of Research
  • Perspectives: An innovative concept or an Idea that provides a new perspective
  • Master Stroke: Every issue will invite a ‘Master’ to demonstrate videos or pictorial demonstrations of surgical techniques.
  • Burning Questions: Opinion/Counter opinions from experts or group of experts on selected topics
  • Photo-Article: Pictorial articles which will be an easy read with most important message highlight
  • Orthopaediatric Network: vast array of information in various format