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Volume 8 | Issue 2 | May-August 2022

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Jayant S. Sampat

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Review Article

Modified Woodward’s Procedure in the Management of Neglected Sprengel’s Shoulder

Tushar Nayak, Amrut Raje, Ashish Ragase, Love Kapoor, Venkatesan Sampath Kumar, Shah Alam Khan

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Overcorrection as Complication of Growth Modulation with Eight-Plate for Coronal Plane Deformities of Knee and its Management

Sandeep Patwardhan, Arkesh Madegowda, Sujith Omkaram, Pavan Patil, Ashok Shyam, Parag Sancheti

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Case Series

Concomitant Tibia Shaft and Triplane Fracture in Adolescents: A Case Series with Comprehensive Review of Literature

K Venkatadass, V Durga Prasad, Deepak Jain, S Rajasekaran

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Innovative Technique

Combined Hemiepiphysiodesis Using Tension Band Plate and Osteotomy for Severe Coronal Plane Deformities Around Knee Joint in Children with Skeletal Dysplasia– An Innovative Technique

Anil Agarwal, Ankit Jain, Ravi Jethwa, Jatin Raj Sareen

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Technical Note

Percutaneous Retrograde Extraphyseal screw fixation for Type II and III Anterior Tibial Spine Avulsion Fractures: A Technical Note

R M Chandak, Mohit Sharma, Amit Nemade

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May-August 2022

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